General “Must Knows”

  • For smooth applications and to practice good hygiene, always wash your bushes and applicators at least once a week. Various brush and applicator shampoos can be found at your local drugstore in the beauty aisle or anywhere else you purchase cosmetics.  – Your skin will thank you for it too!
  • Always be conscious of your skin type (dry, oily, combination, or normal) and sensitivity (if you are allergic to any ingredients commonly found in products, and if you have blemish or acne prone skin). Knowing your skin type and sensitivity will make shopping for any product, brushes and applicators even more successful and will help you determine what works best for you.
    • If your have dry skin; look for products that have moisturizing effects and SPF.
    • If you have oily skin; keep an eye out for oil-based products. Products with naturally occurring moisturizers, and even oil-free products are best.
    • If you have combination skin; be sure to find products specifically for combination skin  – they are not as uncommon as you would think!
    • If you have normal skin; be conscious of which ingredients work best with your skin and try to stick to products that have them in order to keep your skin’s balance.
    • If you have sensitive skin; your best bet is to stick with products that acknowledge your sensitivity and are made with natural ingredients to help calm your skin.
  • Do your research. To help minimize your time spent dwelling in the beauty aisle, its never a bad thing to  prep yourself on what you are looking for, prior to purchasing products. Go on your favorite make-up supply destinations’ websites and  read some reviews on different products or see how other customers have rated them. This way, you won’t have to make those impulse buys anymore.
    • Try Ulta orSephora  for thorough customer reviews and ratings, as well as popular products.
  • Primer is premiere to your make-up routine! Primer is a routine must; using a primer after you have applied your daily moisturizer and before your apply foundation will help give your make-up the long lasting feature. Not only will you get the mileage out of your make-up, but primers indicated to minimize pores, get rid of shine from oil, and even provide essential moisture your skin needs makes it the backbone that supports your look.
    • ALSO: Eye primer will be your best friend if your eye make-up tends to crease or smudge.
  • A little bit goes a long way! Do not overwhelm yourself with the idea of being perfect, and relying on make-up to perfect you. Remember that each product has it’s own purpose (though some are multipurpose). Concentrating on your delicate skin, remember these things:
    • Foundation – lightly tones your skin. It’s main purpose is to help even your skin tone, while  not completely erasing imperfections. Foundations primarily should be applied in small amounts to allow your skin to breathe and not clog your pores. Additives that combat skin concerns like aging, acne or oil control allow your foundation to be a helping hand for your skin.
    • Concealer – helps highlight, and gives fuller coverage than foundation. There are many different types of concealer (full-coverage, corrective, and highlighting) to treat additional problem areas that your foundation may not have toned. Primarily, this acts as your blemish eraser and corrector by blending into your foundation.
    • Tinted Moisturizer- for those of you who are just starting out and are new to face make-up, I highly recommend using a tinted moisturizer or even a “BB” or beauty cream. These are greatly beneficial to your natural, delicate skin, and have incredibly lightweight formula so it doesn’t even feel like you have make-up on.
  • SPF is your friend. Though it may not be sunny year round, products with SPF are beneficial because no matter how visible the sun’s rays may be, SPF protects your skin from the damaging affects. It has even been proven that products with SPF can help delay the appearance of premature aging.
  • The many shades of you.. As the summer sun emerges and fades, our skin tone tends to change too. More than likely, you won’t always be the same definite shade, so in order to match your shade through the seasons, have one shade of foundation for when you are your darkest and another for when you are your lightest during the year. This way, you can continue to look flawless year-round without any miss-match.
  • Don’t smear! Slathering your face with make-up, whether it be foundation,eye shadow, or blush, seems a little barbaric. Instead, use applicators to gather just enough (you can always add more if you absolutely need it) and then gently dab, pat and blend. This works great to enhance your eyes with shadow, and to soften out rosy cheeks so that you don’t resemble a clown.
  • Make-up remover without stripping your skin. At the end of the day before you cleanse your face, always use a make-up remover to gently and thoroughly  make-up and dirt from your skin. Ranging from wipes, spritzers, and liquids, there is a broad spectrum of removers to find the right fit for you, that will shy away from over drying or stripping your skin from its natural balance.

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