20 Day Challenge

(Starting February 26) : Stay updated with how I am progressing with this 20 day challenge as I create different make-up looks on a day to day basis. I’ll post my creations on 20 Day Challenge Creations via images with steps on how to get the look, and video tutorials! Be sure to check them out or try this for yourself!

Day 1: Glowing bronzed look

Day 2: Jewel tone eyeshadowimg-thing

Day 3: Pop art inspired make-up

Day 4: Doll-like Look

Day 5: Grunge inspired make-up

Day 6: Sunset or Sunrise make-up

Day 7: Night sky make-up

Day 8: Make-up inspired by a celebrity

Day 9: Minimal Make-up brushes

Day 10: Makeup inspired by a Disney princess

Day 11: Any look with glittery eye shadow

Day 12: Sultry make-up

Day 13: Any look with ombre lips

Day 14: Double Liner (at least 2 different colored eyeliner)

Day 15: Sexy Smokey Eye Lookcranberry_lipstick_model_2

Day 16: Makeup that shows off your eye color

Day 17: Clubbing/Girls Night Make-up

Day 18: Professional, work appropriate make-up

Day 19: Any look with nude lips

Day 20: Your Favorite Make-up Look


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